Warfare prayer cindy trimm

Warfare prayer cindy trimm

My gates are open so that the wealth of the nations comes into my life continually in the name of Jesus Isa. Your showers of blessing are upon my life Ezek. My vats overflow continually in the name of Jesus Joel My barns are filled with plenty and my presses burst with new wine Prov.

My barns are full and overflowing, my sheep bring forth thousands and ten thousands, my oxen are strong to labor Psa. The plowman overtakes the reaper in my life and the treader of grapes, the sower of the seed and I live in continual harvest in the name of Jesus Amos My floor is full of wheat and my vats overflow with wine and oil Joel You have dealt wondrously with me, I eat and am satisfied Joel All grace abounds toward me because I have all sufficiency in all things and abound to every good work 2 Cor.

My head is anointed with oil and my cup runs over Psa. I have riches and honor in abundance 2 Chron.

warfare prayer cindy trimm

The rock pours out rivers of oil Job My feet are dipped in oil Deut. I have plenty of silver in the name of Jesus Job Your river of life leads me to gold in the name of Jesus Gen. I inherit the land Psa. I refuse to allow the angel of blessing to depart without blessing me in the name of Tamil novel summary Gen.

May God richly bless you for your wisdom shared with others. Thank you for being so faithful and sharing your talents. Thank you. Dear Elsabe, sorry for my late reply. Life is filled with many trials sorrows. As a human, it is impossible to overcome the trials and tribulations in our lives.

But praise be unto our Merciful Savior, He abides in us to help and comfort us in our journey through life. If God is for us, who can be against us? Focus your thoughts on the greatness of God and the marvelous destiny for every believer in Christ and less of the problems of the temporal life on earth.

Learn to praise God and be thankful for His portion in our lives. Change the language of prayer and possessing the promises of God by our words and thoughts. God bless. God bless my financial breakthrough and healing upon my life.

Dear Maphohe Ntuli, the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can give us abundant life. Go and be a part of a Bible teaching church near you. Seek out corporate prayers for your home. Be a serious disciple of Jesus.Scripture references are given at the end of each declaration, and at the. Activation Declaration By Dr.

Cindy Trimm. I declare that there will be no substitutes no hold ups, no set backs and no delays.

warfare prayer cindy trimm

My season of. I take authority over my day in the name of Jesus. I decree and declare that my storehouse will overflow and my vats will be filled with new wine in the name of Jesus. Trimm bring out God-given gifts that locks inside you so you can go forth in your dream this is a sound leader with greatness on actkvation life be blessed and order today.

Cause divine and fresh winds of the Spirit to begin to blow. Today is the dawning of a new day. Perfe c t tho s e th i ngs c o ncerning me Deut. T h e y will e m power you t o fight the g ood fight of faith. Call the shots and change your destiny.

You must manifest your royal anointing to decree blessings over your marriage, family, business, ministry, and every other realm of your life. Increase my productivity and efficiency and give me the anointing of Solomon to wisely manage my resources today. Endless bounty comes to me. The anointing that is on my life for this season, mission, mandate, and purpose attracts only those with divinely ordained assignments.

I praise You for making it fruitful and productive. The word royal speaks of our kingly attributes as Believers. Open up my ears and let your word inspire me to righteousness. Let tho s e who hold on to my wealth long e r than t h ey s hould be af f licted a n d tormented w it h out re l ief un t il th e y re l ease wh a t r i ghtfully be l ongs to me.

I pray for a second chance for those that have backslided. I decree and declare that a new day is dawning for my ministry, job, business, for my finances, for my relationships, and for my health.

Know where you start and were others finished. Father, bless the works of my hands; I choose to glorify You in all I do.This is a powerful Prayer every believer should pray with at least once. I prayed this prayer once and the results where out of this world! The impact was great and I could see a lot of movements in the spirit. This prayer is power-packed and intended to hit bulls eye when prayed with focus and faith in the words you declare. I encourage you to pray this prayer whenever you can.

The Rules of Engagement is a continues power support in my new discoveries of Deliverance. Thank You so Much! I Thank God for this and Lord cover this mighty woman of God in all aspects of her life. Continue to protect her and guide her father. Skip to content.

The Rules of Engagement: The Art of Strategic Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

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The anointing and grace for increase and expansion 7 years ago. Spread the love. TGFJ is a platform for Christian work, projects, and books: promoting insightful, powerful, and the supernatural move of God - educating online users of spiritual truths based on biblical principles and divine revelations. Next Post 6 Point Q. Series Healing Prayer. Prophetically speak into your […].Beat the devil at his own game and wage warfare with confidence!

There is a spiritual battle going on, and prayer warrior and intercessor Cindy Trimm has given you a manual to wage effective warfare. Cindy Trimm is a charismatic, motivational speaker, preacher, teacher, and former senator in Bermuda government. She travels approximately 48 weeks a year, speaking and doing conferences. She is very motivated, energetic, aggressive self-promoter, and very interested in getting published books to round out her products.

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Search by title, catalog stockauthor, isbn, etc. By: Cindy Trimm. Wishlist Wishlist. Advanced Search Links. Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Add To Cart 0. Spanish eBook. Paperback Book. Paperback Spanish Book. Gain the confidence to stand against satanic powers that hinder your life!

Trimm's revised compilation of her previous three books shows you how to "get in the devil's face" and defeat his strategies. You'll learn to recognize principalities, subordinate spirits that operate in the kingdom of darkness, engage the enemy armed with God's power, and emerge victorious.Effective Faith.

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warfare prayer cindy trimm

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TextVideo: Atomic Power of Prayer by Dr. Cindy Trimm!

Deep Troubles,Deep Prayers. Return Back To Sender 21x. Dealing with Healing - List of Spirits to Bind. Spiritual Warfare on Earth - Derek Prince. Sweep House.Cindy Trimm. Use this prayer or prayer points daily, or as often as possible, to pray your way through difficult situations, learn how to pray dangerous prayers with power.

According to DanielYou are the only great and dreadful God, keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love You and to them that keep Your commandments. I will heal their land. Now Mine eyes shall be open and My ears attend to their prayer that is made into this place.

For now have I chosen and sanctified this house that My name may be there forever. And Mine eyes and heart shall be perpetually there. I confess my sins and the sins of our fathers, let grace and mercy prevail over us. I declare I have free passage for my prayer to ascend into the realm of the supernatural and will not be earth bound. I come into agreement with the Supreme Court of heaven: I am seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus, and therefore war from this plane and realm. I declare that the anointing of God breaks every yoke.

Open every portal and assign angels to reinforce me as I advance into new levels, new dimensions, new realms, and territories. Let there be a breakthrough in the heavens.

I tap into apostolic and prophetic things. I shatter glass ceilings. I smash spiritual bars and iron membranes. I declare a breakthrough atmosphere is established. I recalibrate the spiritual climate and decree that every bit of lukewarmness must be replaced with the fire and the zeal of God. Baptize me with the Holy Ghost and with fire. Let there be fire in my mouth as I advance in this prayer. I take authority over demonic and satanic atmospheres and climates created by cultic activities, destiny altering images, incantations, ill spoken words, witchcraft, hostile environments, fear, terrorism, ritual, hatred, ethnic hatred, and violence, in the name of Jesus.Father you are the great physician who promised that you will place none of these diseases upon us.

You are our healer, you are our deliverer, you are our way maker. You are our miracle worker. You said in Isaiah that you are wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace was upon Him and with your stripe, we are healed. Father I know that thou want me to be healthy.

Cindy Trimm Daily Warfare Prayer2

I know that you want me to live without pain, without hurt, without stress. I know that you want me to live disease free, sickness free, stress free, and therefore I decree and declare according to your word I am healthy and physically fit. Sickness and disease are far from me by your stripes I am healed. I speak Jeremiah over my life. Heal me oh Lord and I shall be healed, save me and I shall be saved for thou art my praise. You word is ny unto me this day. According to PsalmI declare that I am healed by the word of the Lord.

I speak to every part of my body, be healed. Let the fountains of infirmity, affliction, discomfort and pain, dry up now! Let poison and and toxins dry our of every part of my body now.

Neutralize the negative effects of viruses and bacteria, drugs and medical treatment now! I decree and declare that any and all physiological, biochemical, hormonal, neurological, organic, systemic, cellular or molecular damage sustained from stress, exhaustion, medication, pharmaceuticals, drugs, medical treatment, X-ray, chemo-radiation therapy, monoclonal antibodies, etc. It is reversed now! I speak health and healing over my cells, my organs and systems. I speak healing to my glands, I speak health and healing over my mind.

I speak health and healing over my body. I speak that my brain is healed min.


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