Terex rt600

Terex rt600

The Haulotte Easy Crane puts a small crane on an aerial-work-platform base. Haulotte's GH has a maximum lift capacity of 5, pounds at a foot radius 3, pounds at 20 feetand a maximum height under the hook of nearly 41 feet. Radio-remote controls allow the operator to be near the target for precise load placement. Standard equipment on the four models includes four-wheel drive and foam-filled tires. The articulated-boom GHA also includes four-wheel-steer capability. The increasing popularity of boom trucks and telehandlers for lighter material-handling chores has pushed the bulk of rough-terrain-crane sales up to machines in the larger size categories.

InNorth American RT crane sales had risen nearly 20 percent to about unitsand more than half of those sales were ton-and-larger machines, as reported by Cranes Today www. With sales action shifting into heavier categories, the four manufacturers competing for rough-terrain business here are working to deliver the best lifting performance and value in the most transportable package.

Liebherr - LR 1500 crawler crane

Most competitors are realizing that formed booms with rounded cross sections, like those prevalent in Europe, can be built stronger and lighter than box-booms.

Welding formed halves of the boom together, rather than four plates, eliminates the need for stiffeners. The boom is lighter without sacrificing strength. An additional benefit of new boom designs is that they are typically built with wear pads that include Teflon. The boom's sliding surfaces are lubricated as they move across the Teflon, eliminating the need to grease the boom.

All of the Terex rough-terrain cranes are equipped with booms made from welded-plate box sections with embossed side-plate holes, similar to Link-Belt's BOSS boom. But it seems likely that Terex will respond to market dynamics and begin to adapt the formed booms used on its Demag line to the P320 full size slide line.

If you leave counterweights on none of those machines offers a hydraulic system for removing counterweightthe lightest of the ton machines still weighs nearly 84, pounds when stripped, and the heaviest tips the scales at around 92, pounds.

Link-Belt's RTC and RTC are the smallest machines on the market available with hydraulic systems for handling the counterweight. It's optional equipment on both. They're also made with outrigger beams that can be removed relatively easily. The only other ton crane on the market, Terex's RT, strips to virtually the same weight as the RTC, but its counterweight is bolted to the frame. Leaving the counterweight on leaves the basic Terex at nearly 86, pounds.

The system supports the manufacturer's claim that this machine can be stripped for highway-legal transport in less than 30 minutes without a helper crane. The RTC's six-wheel carrier rolls on Strip its auxiliary winch and sheave blocks as well, and the ton crane transports at 83, pounds.Operacin vehicular Receptculos del cable Seguridad de los productos de construccin y equipo industrial Es responsabilidad del propietario de los productos de construccin y equipo industrial conocer las regulaciones federales, estatales y locales que afectan el uso completo de su equipo y, su responsabilidad con el personal de trabajo y el pblico.

Debido a que las regulaciones estn sujetas a cambios y tambin difieren de una localidad a otra, este manual no est diseado para proporcionar dicha informacin.

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Terex Cranes proporciona los manuales de funcionamiento y mantenimiento adecuados para los distintos productos de construccin y equipo industrial que fabrica y vende. Adems, cuando aplica, se incluyen estndares de consenso nacional, estndares de la industria y manuales relacionados con seguridad apropiados con los manuales Terex que se envan con cada producto.

Es poltica de la compaa proporcionar esta informacin al propietario o usuario del equipo. Se espera que el propietario o usuario utilice estos manuales y estndares para proporcionar la informacin y capacitacin adecuadas a las personas que operarn, darn mantenimiento o supervisarn que el equipo se utilice de manera correcta y segura. El equipo industrial y de construccin est diseado y fabricado para realizar trabajos pesados. En condiciones normales el equipo se desgastar. El objetivo de los programas de inspeccin es evitar accidentes, reducir el tiempo de inactividad y mantener el equipo funcionando de manera eficiente.

terex rt600

Estos programas de inspeccin se deben disear para descubrir partes gastadas, agrietadas, rotas o deterioradas as como sujetadores flojos o faltantes antes de que ocasionen problemas. Los programas de capacitacin e inspeccin apropiados son vitales para evitar lesiones a las personas, dao a la propiedad y costos de mantenimiento excesivos.

Lea y entienda los manuales que se proporcionan con este equipo. Hay asistencia disponible de parte de los distribuidores de su producto Terex y de la fbrica de Terex. Nunca debe exceder la capacidad de carga especificada por el fabricante.

Utilice la Lista de verificacin de inspeccin peridica sugerida de la gra que se proporciona. Si desea alguna informacin especial relacionada con el cuidado y funcionamiento de la mquina, con gusto se la proporcionaremos segn su solicitud. Debido a que fabricamos distintos tipos de equipo, le solicitamos que incluya el modelo y nmero de serie de su mquina en toda la correspondencia para que podamos proporcionarle la informacin correcta.

La informacin, especificaciones e ilustraciones de esta publicacin se basan en la informacin vigente al momento de la aprobacin para impresin. Nos reservamos el derecho de realizar cambios en cualquier momento y sin ninguna obligacin. Nomenclatura Este manual contiene instrucciones e informacin sobre la operacin, el mantenimiento, la lubricacin y los ajustes de la Gra para trabajar en terrenos accidentados.

El operador no debe intentar poner a funcionar la mquina antes de comprender totalmente el material presentado en las pginas siguientes. Para ayudar a comprender el contenido de este manual, los siguientes trminos siempre tendrn el significado asignado cuando se utilicen. Terex Cranes le agradece que haya elegido nuestra mquina para su aplicacin.

Nuestra prioridad nmero uno es la seguridad del usuario, lo cual se logra mejor por medio de nuestros esfuerzos conjuntos.

Consideramos que usted hace una gran contribucin a la seguridad si como parte de los usuarios y operadores del equipo: 1. Cumple con los reglamentos de OSHA, federales, estatales y locales. Lea, entienda y siga las instrucciones que estn en ste y otros manuales que se proporcionan con esta mquina.

Utilice las prcticas de trabajo buenas y seguras aplicando su sentido comn. Haga que slo los operadores capacitados, dirigidos por la supervisin bien informada y experta, pongan a funcionar la mquina. Utilice slo las partes aprobadas por la fbrica para dar servicio a o reparar esta unidad. Si hay algo en este manual que no est claro o que considere que se debe agregar, enve sus comentarios al Coordinador de las publicaciones tcnicas, Terex Cranes, 12th Street SE, Waverly, Iowa ; o comunquese con nosotros al telfono Muchos aspectos del funcionamiento y prueba de la gra se tratan en los estndares publicados por el Instituto Nacional de Normas de los Estados Unidos.

Estos estndares se actualizan cada ao con suplementos que ASME enva a los compradores originales de la norma. Terex recomienda que compre y consulte las siguientes normas. Seguridad General Mantenimiento de las seales de seguridad Reemplace cualquier seal de seguridad faltante o daada.

Tenga en cuenta la seguridad del operador en todo momento. Utilice jabn suave y agua para limpiar las seales de seguridad. No utilice limpiadores a base de solvente ya que pueden daar el material de la seal de seguridad.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

April 6, Heavy Hunt. Dealers have the parts and personnel to keep the country going. But first, dealers must concentrate on keeping their employees and customers safe during the COVID coronavirus outbreak. Here are some of the best practices dealers have shared in my peer group:.

Promoting digital communications, such as ordering parts over a website or phone, setting parts outside for customers to pick up, using text messaging to update customers on service work orders and video chats. Setting up monitors in the parts showroom for customers to view as the counterperson looks up or orders their parts from a safe distance away. Making sure parts and service employees wear gloves.

Putting videos put on your website to explain common issues that operators face. During this time, parts managers need to stay in contact with their mainline suppliers to ensure that orders will be shipped.

Now is not the time to over-order and drain the supply channels for other dealers and their customers. Communicate with other dealers in your groups about how you can support each other when you need a part they have and how can you can work together to satisfy an end user. I encourage dealers to look at their parts sales history for the past 24 months for all of their locations.

Filter the report to only show parts with more than four sales in that time period. Then look at your most active sales by part number and make sure you have an adequate inventory. Use your inventory dollars first. This will help your turn and also help the health of your balance sheet.

Take a strong look at your website. Look at it through the lens of your customer and ask if it is easy to navigate, order parts or communicate with the service department. Can users easily leave a message — and how long does it take them to get a reply?

As we navigate through the uncertain days ahead, also know that they are as full of opportunity as they are with challenges. We take a more holistic approach to how we communicate with you, with respect and care. ONLY receive one email per week - maximum! This only to showcase and share stories of those who embrace our spirit! April 6, Heavy Hunt Dealers have the parts and personnel to keep the country going.

Here are some of the best practices dealers have shared in my peer group: Calling your top 50 customers and sharing changes in your operations and processes. Lockers outside for parts pick up labeled with customer-designated numbers. Having half of the parts counter people working remotely to reduce human contact. Using electronic signature programs for parts and service invoices.

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How does coronavirus outbreak affect the heavy equipment industry? Skid Steer vs. Excavator Comparison: Tracked vs. Wheel Excavators. Related links. Models of Terex rough terrain cranes. All brands of rough terrain cranes. Cheap rough terrain cranes. Browse construction equipment.

Browse rough terrain cranes. Number of ads: Beneath you can find Terex rough terrain cranes auctions. Click an auction beneath to get more detailed information. Create email alert for new ads Create. Place a bid. Terex RT - Ton S. Page 1 Create an Email Alert. Back to top.My account More Menu.

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terex rt600

Search Search. Government Surplus. Construction Construction. Air Compressors. Miscellaneous Attachments. Portable Structures. Scissor Lifts. View more.

terex rt600

Popular Makes. View items. Agriculture Agriculture. Agricultural Attachments. Agricultural Tractors. Compact Track Loaders. Grain Bins. Grain Handling Equipment. Landscaping Equipment. Livestock Equipment. Miscellaneous Agricultural Equipment. Case IH. John Deere. Equipment Trailers. Flatbed Trucks. Refrigerated Trailers.My account More Menu. Sign in Create free account.

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Livestock Equipment. Miscellaneous Agricultural Equipment. Case IH. John Deere. Equipment Trailers. Flatbed Trucks.

terex rt600

Refrigerated Trailers. Construction Materials. Crawler Tractor Attachments. Excavator Attachments.If you need replacement crane parts please call us toll free in the US at Grove RT Link Belt HC For immediate assistance please call us directly at Faults within the microprocessor system should only be repaired by trained service personnel, please contact us if you need support for matters that are beyond your technical capabilities.

We will gladly respond to your request as soon as possible. Phone: US Toll Free: We will gladly respond to your requests as soon as possible. Recent Jobs. Recent Post. Fallen below the minimum radius or above the angle given in the load chart due to raising the boom to far.

Terex Decals

The maximum radius or minimum angle given in the load chart was exceeded due to lowering the boom too far. Operating mode switch in the console set incorrectly. Operating mode is not permissible with actual crane. Set operating mode switch correctly to the code assigned to the operating mode of the crane.

Boom has been extended too far or not far enough. Length sensor adjustment changed; i. Fallen below the minimum jib angle specified on the respective load chart due to luffing out the jib too far. Cable between length sensor and central unit defective not connected or water in the connectors.

Length sensor Potentiometer defective. Electronic board in the measuring channel defective. Check cable and connector as well and replace, if necessary. Section 6. Replace and reset length sensor Potentiometer. See Section 6. Replace mainboard and reset pressure channels. Cable leading from the central unit to the pressure transducer defective, loose or water in the connector. Pressure transducer on piston side defective.

Electronic component in the measuring channel. Check cable and connector as well and replace, it b. Replace pressure transducer and reset pressure channel. Replace main board and reset pressure channels. Pressure transducer on rod side defective. Check cable and connectors as well and replace, if necessary. Replace pressure transducer and reset pressure c.


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