Survey to go capi

Survey to go capi

Surveys can be deployed to Android devices as well as Windows machines for data collection. Features Knowledge Excel's CAPI service is equipped with most of the advanced features and capabilities of industry-standard survey programming platforms.

Once the software is installed on your android or windows system, you need to follow these simple steps to run your survey.

survey to go capi

After that you can click on your project name eg: 'shine' to run the survey on your device. Windows Devices: Locate shortcut icon on windows desktop with name "CAPI Desktop" Click on right most icon three horizontal lines and click on Manage surveys Enter your project link in the space project.

Once the devices are connected to internet, data gets sunc on a secure centralized server. Whether a survey is administered on android device, windows system are the knights of the golden circle still active even online, all data get accumulated on a common database.

We offer software provided admin link and customized dashobard to review the progress. Process Video. Let's connect to discuss your requirements. Toggle navigation.

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NET 4. After that you can click on your project name eg: 'shine' to run the survey on your device Windows Devices: Locate shortcut icon on windows desktop with name "CAPI Desktop" Click on right most icon three horizontal lines and click on Manage surveys Enter your project link in the space project. Reporting Module Once the devices are connected to internet, data gets sunc on a secure centralized server.

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Create your own HD home movies with easy-to-use video editing and disc authoring. SHAREit allows you to send content including files, photos, video and documents, at lightning fast speed. Send files in seconds, from 1mb to gb. Additional titles containing survey to go capi. Latest News. Secure data deletion tools. We show you which tools you can use.The Survey System offers off-line survey software for Android smartphones and tablets and Windows 6.

These small, light devices are ideal for conducting in-person surveys at malls, amusement parks, movie theaters, airports, and other public locations. Our CAPI software is also ideal for conducting interviews in remote locations and has been used to interview tsunami survivors in Thailand and Indonesia and for interviews in Tanzania, India, Columbia and other countries.

The Survey System's Mobile Survey Software Module offers superior features for conducting both simple surveys and complex interviews with sophisticated logic. Our Voice Capture Software Module solves the problem of recording extensive comments on smartphones and tablets by letting you record respondents' answers in their own voices.

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You can later play back these answers for coding and analysis. The Survey System's Internet Module and Mobile Module work together to create Web surveys optimized for smartphones' and tablets' small screens, including appropriately-sized text input boxes.

View a sample Mobile Web survey. See Web survey software for a description of online surveys. Go to Navigation Go to Content. Creative Research Systems.

survey to go capi

Get Your Free Consultation!Different Form Factors While a laptop may suite a certain number of use cases for CAPI, such as when sitting in front of a manager in a quite office with a table and a power plug nearby and performing an in-depth interview, it might become a surveyors worst nightmare when performing CAPI surveys in a busy airport or a train station. In these scenarios, a light weight PDA, that includes a big battery and a few well designed PDA Forms might be a much better choice, one which will make the survey a much more effective one.

Other scenarios might include the requirement to show videos or pictures to the person being interviewed and a PDA might not suffice while still a laptop is too heavy and too cumbersome to hand over to the person being interviewed. In these cases a lightweight tablet with a few well designed tablet forms might be your perfect choice.

Simply add the questions you would like to appear to the survey, test it using our built-in emulator and mark it for production. You can even assigned quotas and define different surveyors that will survey different locations or quotas. Click here for a free demo: Request a demo.As former researchers, we prioritize data quality and security as highly as you do.

By providing a premium technology that anyone can use, we have enhanced data-based analysis and decision-making around the world. A single, transparent plan with the flexibility for any kind of research at any scale—from a single project to global use across organizations.

Submit your data securely thanks to multiple layers of encryption and data redundancy. Monitor incoming data in real time to catch signs of trouble. Or let SurveyCTO do the monitoring for you with the review and corrections workflow, automated quality checks, and data classification systems. Because we care about your data, too.

SurveyCTO is the most reliable, secure, and scalable mobile data collection platform for researchers and professionals working in offline settings. Leading organizations in over countries trust SurveyCTO to power their data collection. With sophisticated workflows, robust quality control features, and real-time visualizations, SurveyCTO collects secure, high quality data—even offline.

Design complex survey forms, pre-load data, and stream data between datasets with an intuitive spreadsheet format, or the drag-and-drop form designer. Preview and revise forms efficiently with the testing interface. No credit card required.

CAPI Software Solutions - Off-line and Online

COVID is dramatically changing our lives and work. Read to learn about how we're responding and how you can update us on your needs. New SurveyCTO release: Quickly adapt to changing work demands with field plug-ins, real-time data sharing, and more March 29, SurveyCTO version 2. Close Menu.In this post I want to cover the aspect of running field surveys in multiple languages at the same time. This is a popular topic as more sophisticated surveys are being conducted in the field by more sophisticated market research companies.

The surveys are exactly the same for statistical reason however the language should be customized to the specific country. You could go about creating 3 different versions of the same survey which would probably work, however this approach has the following drawbacks:. Now, although this would probably work for a one-time project, but if you were to run many of these types of surveys you will probably look for something more robust!

This is exactly what we want to cover when looking for multi-language support in mobile survey software. So, what do we look for when working with multi-language surveys? Well, I will break it down to the design process and the actual field survey process. In the design process we are looking for:. The answer is yes, some of them do support it. When using SurveyToGo, you can simple use one version of the survey and then configure multiple languages for the survey.

SurveyToGo is a pay-per-use hosted service which enables you to enjoy a state-of-the-art mobile surveying solution at a great price.

Editing the dutch text of the question in line instead of using the file-based approach. While PDA surveys run on handheld PDA devices, the actual survey design is done on the desktop computer which introduces an inherent problem as to how the survey will look like on the actual pda device. This problem is common one and usually most survey software packages include some sort of a preview of the PDA device. While preview is a good way of getting a sense of how the question will look like on the PDA, when you design a mobile survey you would like a way to see how the entire survey will behave, which includes all the answers, the skip rules, branch rules, validation rules, piping options etc.

Another big concern is device orientation. Are you running the survey on a landscape device? Or maybe a square screen device?

Because we care about your data, too

Good luck getting preview of these.They do not have a free version. Nfield offers a free trial. See additional pricing details below.

survey to go capi

Nfield by NIPO. Free Trial. Visit Website. Best For We focus on making research operations more successful. Increasing efficiency and offering tools to create new business opportunities. Product Details Nfield is a powerful cloud based data collection platform for professional market research organizations. It features all you need to conduct high quality, professional and secure surveys.

For you this means: no servers, no licenses and no IT costs. Founded in Located in Netherlands. Starting Price. Yes, get a free trial. Nfield Features. Market Research. Popular Comparisons. Constant Contact. Qualtrics CoreXM. Nextiva Survey. Nfield Reviews.

Ease of Use. Customer Service. Write a Review. Bence T. Show More Ratings. Reviewer Source.


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