Sp5 or mpx

Sp5 or mpx

With its ultra-compact and lightweight design, this little 9mm PDW is easy to carry and a ton of fun to shoot! When fully extended, this brace rotates to allow the user the ability to contour with the pistol itself. At first glance, the MPX Copperhead is a beautifully designed weapon.

SIG MPX 9 vs MP5 Suppressed

It really is a head-turner with its sleek, yet simple profile and custom Cerakote finish. The Copperhead is packed full of awesome and useful features.

SIG continues its trend of putting their customers and clients first with their MPX standard ambidextrous controls. This may seem trivial, but using controls that are natural to your body make all the difference—especially in a high-action scenario. The Copperhead ships with a full-length Picatinny rail as requested by the US Army making sure that you can utilize any sights or optics devices you choose.

And that can definitely come in handy. One of the nicest features to come with the Copperhead is the collapsable brace integrated into the receiver. Sig is right. This is yet another tactic employed by Sig to maintain peak deployability. That means no suppressor or barrel attachments.

This is my only real gripe with the MPX Copperhead. If you agree, then the standard Sig MPX might be for you. Or… you can swap the barrel with any other MPX barrel to get the threads you desire.

sp5 or mpx

The permanent flash hider cuts down on cost and weight while keeping the overall length small enough to fit into a backpack which would not be possible with a silencer attached. When it boils down to it… The Copperhead proves itself more than capable. If you are, the Copperhead is for you.

How about some upgrades? This company is not as known or popular as other brands, however it is a very good red system. I like that it uses both a solar cell and high capacity battery to power the optic, making sure I always have a reliable point of aim in the field.

sp5 or mpx

Thats a big deal for me! The Sig Copperhead is a pretty unique little gun.Stay Connected:. Phone Orders Browse by Category. More Details Buy. Please wait. Sign Up For Newsletter. RTG Parts was established to provide increased customer access to top quality military surplus parts, magazines and accessories. We are proud to offer an extensive inventory of rare and unusual items as well as select new production U.

RTG Parts is committed to keeping prices low while maintaining a high level of customer service. We believe we offer the best combination of value and quality found anywhere in the firearms community.

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MPX and MP5 | Compared

AR15 - M Colt OEM Parts. Muzzle Devices. Tools and Cleaning Kits. Barrel and Trunion. Bolt Assembly. Cocking Assembly. Mag Catch Assembly. Mags and Pouches.New PM! Discussion Poll Photo Album. Look up Mark 23 and get back to me regarding bullet-proof and indestructible. Mark23 may or may not be the end all of pistols. But we are in a thread about SP5's.

So why are you discussing Mark23? Better everything, ergo's, reliability etc. But who cares. Open a new thread with your brand concerns and issues Belgian Blue. Originally posted by John quote:. She feels sorry for those who think otherwise. I bought the Omega clone from Atlantic vs. But HKs refusal to sell the civilian models despite the overwhelming demand until recent, and the clones have improved by then. The SP5 is great, and totally worth it if that's what you want.

But if you just want a shooter that "looks like John McLain used in Die Hard" a clone will save you some money if you shop around. I shall respect you until you open your mouth, from that point on, you must earn it yourself. There's still a part of me that would like to have a SP5. If I were to hit some financial jackpot, and I get out of WA But without those two factors, the HK just doesn't fan any fire within me, and that's despite the fact that I can "cheat" and pick one up cheap, relatively speaking.

As for the off-topic Mk DA is near unusable for my stubby fingers but damn I want one anyways. Someday, after I retire and move out of this blasted state I appreciate all the responses.

I think I am going to have to pick one up soon. Originally posted by leonidas I am curious to hear from owners. Is it really worth the price of entry? I have loved the MP5 since I watched Diehard as a kid, but man, thats a price tag. Worth it once the nostalgia wears off? Two Shanks. I am not an MP5 addict. I bought an sp5 on a whim and started using it at local matches. After a bit of stuffing it around barricades and generally abusing it, that seemed rude for something so nice so I bought a PTR as a 'junker'.

Other than the finish differences which are obvious the PTR has been mint. No disappointment and in a couple of areas its better. In any case if you can find a sp5 I would buy it. Originally posted by Two Shanks: quote:. Figured better to buy now than cry later.Well, get ready to scramble for the buy button, because we found one….

Yes, one. If you ever needed an excuse to buy a gun online, this might be it because these are basically as rare as rocking horse shit. You never know…. That fully auto and the mil-spec weapon has evolved over the years and now comes with a collapsing PDW style brace and a simpler handguard. It is also one of the best submachine guns in the world, as voted for by the elite special forces, counter terrorist units and SWAT teams around the world.

In reality, the civilian version is slightly longer thanks to the proprietary handguard, but when you see side by side pictures then the military version certainly looks longer and thinner. Put the right red dot up top and this is about as operator as pistols get. The barrel is shorter than a full-size 9mm handgun, think about that.

Suddenly it makes sense that this supremely reliably piece of hardware has been a personal favorite of the best fighting men around the world.

sp5 or mpx

But this is an icon, the HK SP5K is already in the firearms Hall of Fame and it can still hold its own with any of those weapons in the right circumstances. Seriously, fill this thing with LeHigh Xtreme Defense and you have a total weapon of mass destruction on your hands. So yeah, with some hardcore ammo, this could even be a hunting weapon. This is a weapon of war, particularly urban warfare where the compact nature of the HK SP5K means that only the Blackout pistols can really stay with it.

The gun reviews and user reviews online absolutely love this thing. We tried to tell you…. Not quite…. Nick id s lifelong gun enthusiast who has a simple mission. He wants to find the best deals for guns online and help you make the best choices with weapons your life may depend on one day. Prev Article Next Article.

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Although branded as a member of the Microsoft Office family, it never has been included in any of the Office suites, like Visio.The MP5 has been the preeminent submachine gun for tactical applications for over thirty years.

It has been unrivaled in terms of tactical functionality and usefulness and has been a favorite of tactical teams all over the world. I had the opportunity to evaluate these weapon systems head to head.

The MP5 I used was an older model that still functions well. The MPX was brand new. I used iron sights during my evaluation. Both weapons were chambered in 9mm.

I used Winchester Ranger 9mm ammunition for range comparisons. The safety, magazine release, bolt hold-open device, and charging handle are all in the same place. The bolt is pretty stiff and takes some muscle to charge. As with many firearms, there is probably a break-in period where parts loosen up a bit. This is a pet peeve of mine since I am left-handed, but like an AR, it can easily be swapped out.

The MP5 has a large selector switch, two magazine releases, and a charging handle on the left side of the gun. Since the MPX is set up the same way as the AR rifle series I give it an edge in terms of having the same manual of arms. That said, the MP5 is simple to operate with a little practice. Both weapons I tested had retractable stocks. They were both easy to deploy. The MPX has what appears to be a sling mount below the stock which, at times, interfered with returning the stock to its original position.

These submachine guns measured about the same length with the stock retracted. According to my measurements, the MP5 minus the weapons light was about 18 inches, the MPX 20 inches. The MPX had a full picatinny rail on top of the receiver and another one on the foregrip.MPX digitizes and electronically sends payments to providers.

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