Parts for international pickup

Parts for international pickup

How time flies. Looking at the our traffic shows that we have had 1, page views last week. Now, it is time to pass all of this onto others as my health is going in reverse. Now, you have good access when you need some information on the fly.

parts for international pickup

With this in mind, I am creating donation buttons on both the forums, and the classifieds. Please feel free to help the costs with a small donation. I think that it should remain there as a symbol of the oldihc. I was really hoping to get the old green diamond running again, but I think maybe something internal is wrong with it.

You guys are the masters of the old stove bolts and old stuff in general,any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! Take your time; find a local old geezer who knows this old iron, and cultivate a good relationship with him or her.

Their knowledge will prove invaluable!!!

International Harvester / pickup truck parts list

Visit it often, and learn how to use the forums. Good luck with your project!!!!!!!!! It sounds like to me with the information provided that the following problem may exist: 1: The relationship between the camshaft which opens and closes the intake and exhaust valves and the crankshaft moves the piston up and down the cylinders is out of sync, this is known as jump timing and occurs when the chain that goes around the crank and cam gears stretches to an amount that allows the chain to jump a tooth or too.

This would be important to evaluate this possible problem It is possible that one or even both of the intake or exhaust values are not setting or part of the valves are burnt away causing an improper sealing of the combustion camber. Hope this helps you find your problem. The trans fluid well allow them to free up and give you better compression.

Good luck. I just starting searching for old IH sites and this one popped up. I have a KB5 dump in her works cloths that i take to the shows. Everthing works well with 47 g miles on her.

parts for international pickup

Any advice appreciated. Thank you, Young Mike miller. Can someone help me Identify What I Have? Paul, I have a listing of model numbers and apprx. This may be of help for you. If you have a problem downloading it, email me direct and I can send it to you. Can anyone tell me how hard it would be to add power steering to a IHC Fleetside pickup and would I need a cooling motor to go with it?

Any suggestions on a part number or where I might find one also?You have of store credit. To use it, simply place your order and you will be able to choose store credit as the payment method when it comes time to pay for your order.

Our top-quality products include chrome semi truck parts, international hoods, shift knobs, shocks and much more. Along with our extensive inventory of products for sale, you gain our top-notch customer service and expertise when working with us.

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parts for international pickup

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International Pickup Parts

Copyright Raney's Inc.In stock orders ship same day when ordered by 2pm ET. Need your part faster? Choose expedited shipping at checkout. Our team of auto experts work hard to provide you with the highest quality, direct fit replacement auto parts. We know not all auto parts are created equal. This is why we enforce a strict level of product standards and sourcing with every part. Our goal is to exceed our customers' expectations every day. We are a team of passionate auto enthusiasts who are here to help.

If you have a question about our parts or a repair contact us. Our 1A Auto Video Library has thousands of how-to auto repair installation videos specific to year, make and model. Each video guides you with step-by-step instructions to empower you to tackle your own repairs on your car, truck, SUV, or van.

This part will only fit a vehicle with these options. If your vehicle isn't listed, close the window to return to search. Clear vehicle X. Year Make Model. Search by Vehicle. Select your vehicle. Year Make Model Search. Shop by Make. International Pickup Parts.

Popular Parts.At 1A Auto, we realize how difficult it is to come by parts for International trucks, especially for older light-duty pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles that were manufactured during the International Harvester Company IHC days.

So, if you are in need of a replacement auto part for your classic International Harvester IH sport utility vehicle, pickup or commercial transport truck, or a part for more recent Navistar International trucks like theyou've come to the right place.

At 1A Auto, we get you the right auto parts for your International truck, at a great discount. You'll find a large selection of new and aftermarket International truck parts, including weatherstripping, exhaust manifolds, ball joints, brake shoes, bike racks for light vehicles, and more.

Our product development team spends over 8, hours a year researching the best auto parts, and they are carefully selected by our trained engineers so you can rest assured that you are getting the correct, high quality part you need for your International Harvester or Navistar International truck, at a discount price. Don't overpay for International parts and save yourself from a lot of potential headaches by shopping at 1A Auto. You can shop for all of your International truck parts online and buy safely and securely right here on our website, or you can call our customer service toll free at if you have any questions about any of our parts, or to buy over the phone.

With over years combined experience, 1A Auto's customer service representatives are the most qualified to answer your questions about all of our new, aftermarket replacement International truck parts. Our representatives answer And, in the unlikely case that you are unhappy with your International part for any reason, 1A Auto also offers the only No Hassle return policy for unused items in the industry.

Simply put, our competitors can't beat the 1A Advantage. Don't just take it from us - take it from over 50, satisfied customers! Look no further than 1A Auto for your aftermarket, original equipment OE replacement International Harvester IH or Navistar International truck parts and get your vehicle the new parts it needs today from truck enthusiasts just like you!

If you happen to be an enthusiastic International owner, have a deep passion for International vehicles, or just want to learn more about the marque, continue reading below for a detailed look at the brand's history and some of its past and present models.

International is a brand of medium-duty, over-the-road, and severe-service commercial trucks currently manufactured by the International Truck and Engine Corporation subsidiary of the Navistar International Corporation holding company, formerly known as the International Harvester Company IHC or IH which was formed in The International brand name has also been used to market many other products throughout the history of IHC and now Navistar, including tractors, buses and military vehicles.

Origin 2. The Golden Years 3. Downfall and End of an Era 4. Transition from Agricultural Roots to Today.


The history of International branded vehicles dates back to with the formation of the International Harvester Company. IHC itself has roots that stretch all the way back to when Cyrus Hall McCormick finalized his design of the first truly practical horse-drawn reaper, built along with Jo Anderson, a slave on the McCormick farm, and received a patent for in Throughout its history, the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company continued to produce farming implements as well as gasoline combustion engines for stationary use on farms, until It was then that IHC was created as the result of a merger, orchestrated by J.

Morgan, of the McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, Deering Harvester Company founded inand three other much smaller agricultural equipment firms. While the company started out originally producing tractors and other farming equipment such as balers for the agricultural machinery industry, International Harvester evolved over the next three-quarters of a century to become a diversified manufacturer of other products such as construction equipment, light vehicles and commercial trucks, military vehicles, gas turbines, commercial and household products such as lawn and garden equipment and home appliances, motorhomes, buses, and engines.

IHC entered the motor truck manufacturing business inbeginning with the production of light-duty trucks, and evolving into a producer of transport trucks beginning in Inthe first commercial International branded transport truck was released. Its first heavy-duty truck, with a capacity of five tons, was released a few years later. In the s, they released their C and D lines of pickup trucks as well as other models of transport trucks and, inproduction of truck engines began. Inthe first International trucks with a Metro bodies was produced, a multi-stop retail delivery truck known as the IHC Metro Van.

At the time, this step van was a brand new concept in motor truck design and the Metro series was produced and updated as IH's truck lines were in the years to come. Several variations of the vehicle were also produced over the course of the next few decades, including the compact Metro-Lite in However, beginning in December ofat the request of the U.

From that point forward, the company concentrated solely on production for the U. Military untilwhen civilian truck production resumed on a limited basis. InInternational Harvester Company formed its motor truck division to handle the growing volume of International truck engineering, production, sales and other related activities.

The first line of light-duty pickup trucks to be released by IH following the war was its KB-Series, in Have you attended a classic car show or auction recently? If not, I can tell you the truck segment is currently booming. This increase in popularity is also supporting a steady rise in evaluations. There's a good reason for this growing fan base and positive outlook on market values. For more than years when it was time to get something done people often turned to the light-duty truck to perform the task in style.

People look back at what they accomplished through the years and reminisce about the truck they did it in. I remember two classic trucks from my childhood. A Chevrolet series pickup from the 50s and an International Harvester from the 40s. When you make your way to the truck section at the local car show you'll find plenty of examples made by the "big three" car manufacturers.

When it comes to American automobiles the pickup has been a bestseller for Ford, Chevrolet, and Dodge for a long time. Often when you speak of classic cars it's a supply and demand scenario that drives prices.

Models with large production numbers tend to be less collectible. If you're thinking about adding a classic truck to your collection let's talk about taking a road less traveled. Owning an International Harvester pickup can set you apart from the competition and add value to the investment. One of the most interesting facts about the company is when and how it came into existence. Morgan pulled a total of five companies together.

These manufacturers were successful in the agricultural and machine products industries. Together they formed International Harvester IH in The company built pickups from to Packing a potent 15 hp engine with high ground clearance the truck garnered favorable reviews. It became the perfect vehicle for navigating the poor road conditions common at the time. IH built some of the most sought-after collector trucks from to They called these the K-series trucks.

The company offered models K-1 through K with the omission of k-9 and K International offered a total of twelve different configurations through this eight-year time span. The number designation after the K related to the load carrying capabilities. The K-2 is a three-quarter ton and the K-3 a one-ton heavy-duty truck. In the company made many improvements when they released the L-series pickup.

The two main improvements included bigger engines and a beefier suspension set up.We've re-designed Configurator from the ground up for mobile devices. From parking pads to commercial construction, your job has heavy responsibilities. Easily and comfortably navigate even the roughest worksites and take command of any project. It's rough out there. Unforgiving environments. Tight deadlines. Even tighter budgets. Tackle any project with legendary durability and affordability that's not just built to last, but also built to lead.

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Your load is heavy and unpredictable. Balance it out with a truck that brings lightweight strength and consistent performance. Drive confidently with factory-installed roll-stability and traction control that keeps you on task and on track. Helping others is your job. Keeping you on the road is ours. Having a truck that delivers the right power, the right features and the right reliability means you're always ready to answer the next call.

The electricity, the gas, the cable: When you've got people counting on you to keep things up and running, you need a proven, dependable truck designed and built to do the same. Explore A Inspired by Drivers.More Info Buy Now! More Info. These are Not exact replacements,the mounting holes need to be relocated for these to mount, but they look very close to the originals once installed.

Front Door Window Seal Kit With Window Guides - Pickup, Travelall And Travelette Kit includes door glass wipers the ones that fit inside the door against the flat part of the glass and the channels the window rides in to refurbish 2 front doors. Kit includes all four clips as shown. These are beautiful reproductions, and ready to install.

parts for international pickup

The waxed cloth has a hardened "old leather" look and feel to it. Brown washed wax cloth and nylon mesh back cap. Velcro closure on back. Works for both the front-right and front-left fuel tanks. Buy this sender if your tank fill spout is located at the rear of your front fender. Window Guide Seal Kit - Complete 4 Door - Travelall This kit includes replacement window guide seals, and front, back and top of door seals. For all four doors of your Travelall and Travelette.

Everything that touches your roll up window glass will be replaced. Blades not include wiper arms. Headlight Bezel Ring After market non-oem stainless steel headlight bezels. Brand new pliable rubber seals eliminate air and water leaks which are common on older vehicles.

The bolts that hold your body onto the frame use these plugs to keep debris out. There are two of these under your feet inside the cab. Priced per door. Parts Finder. Both the Travelall specialist and the new IHC enthusiast can count on us to find what they need.

As Travelall owners, we drive IHC trucks and understand the needs of the 4x4 binder enthusiast and restoration customer alike.


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