Mobile computing

Mobile computing

Mobile Computing News. The system is based on modified silicon chips from cameras, but rather than taking And it can be manufactured using conventional silicon chip Scientists have now discovered that a critical Revolutionary Light-Emitting Silicon Apr. Solving this puzzle would revolutionize computing, as chips will become faster than ever. But this technology can cost thousands of dollars and is limited.

Researchers now report an improved Practical Quantum Computers? Summaries Headlines. It involves exploiting the complex quantum properties of Researchers have made an ultracompact camera that captures high-contrast and The fast and cost-effective The discovery potentially opens the door to We can hear the morning news while brushing our teeth, ask for a weather report while picking out a coat, The study suggests These devices can be used as flexible The aim is to provide a faster, They accomplished this by sending the photons through carefully designed mazes in a way Cell phones and other When the sensor detects dampness in the diaper, it Tuesday, March 31, Load more stories.

Living Well. View all the latest top news in the environmental sciences, or browse the topics below:.Mobile computing is human—computer interaction in which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage, which allows for transmission of data, voice and video. Mobile computing involves mobile communication, mobile hardware, and mobile software. Communication issues include ad hoc networks and infrastructure networks as well as communication properties, protocolsdata formats and concrete technologies.

Hardware includes mobile devices or device components. Mobile software deals with the characteristics and requirements of mobile applications. These classes are expected to endure and to complement each other, none replacing another completely. Many commercial and government field forces deploy a rugged portable computer with their fleet of vehicles.

This requires the units to be anchored to the vehicle for driver safety, device security, and ergonomics. Rugged computers are rated for severe vibration associated with large service vehicles and off-road driving and the harsh environmental conditions of constant professional use such as in emergency medical servicesfire, and public safety.

Mobile security has become increasingly important in mobile computing. It is of particular concern as it relates to the security of personal information now stored on the smartphone. More and more users and businesses use smartphones as a means of planning and organizing their work and private life. Within companies, these technologies are causing profound changes in the organization of information systems and therefore they have become the source of new risks.

Indeed, smartphones collect and compile an increasing amount of sensitive information to which access must be controlled to protect the privacy of the user and the intellectual property of the company. All smartphones are preferred targets of attacks. These attacks exploit weaknesses related to smartphones that can come from means of wireless telecommunication like WiFi networks and GSM. There are also attacks that exploit software vulnerabilities from both the web browser and operating system.

Finally, there are forms of malicious software that rely on the weak knowledge of average users. Different security counter-measures are being developed and applied to smartphones, from security in different layers of software to the dissemination of information to end users.

There are good practices to be observed at all levels, from design to use, through the development of operating systemssoftware layers, and downloadable apps. Several categories of portable computing devices can run on batteries but are not usually classified as laptops: portable computers, PDAsultra mobile PCs UMPCstablets and smartphones.

Boundaries that separate these categories are blurry at times.Mobile computing devices also may be known as portable computing devices or handheld computing devices. Mobile computing devices are generally modern-day handheld devices that have the hardware and software required to execute typical desktop and Web applications. Mobile computing devices have similar hardware and software components as those used in personal computers, such as processors, random memory and storage, Wi-Fi, and a base operating system.

Introduction to Mobile Computing

However, they differ from PCS in that they are built specifically for mobile architecture and to enable portability. Among the common examples of mobile computing devices is a tablet PC, which has a built-in processor, memory and operating system OSand executes most applications built for a comparable PC.

Toggle navigation Menu. Home Dictionary Tags Hardware Electronics. A mobile computing device is any device that is created using mobile components, such as mobile hardware and software. Mobile computing devices are portable devices capable of operating, executing and providing services and applications like a typical computing device. Techopedia explains Mobile Computing Device MCD Mobile computing devices are generally modern-day handheld devices that have the hardware and software required to execute typical desktop and Web applications.

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What is the difference between mobile communication and mobile computing? What is the difference between cloud computing and mobile computing? More of your questions answered by our Experts. Related Tags. Hardware Mobile Computing Handhelds Electronics.If you are reading this message, Please click this link to reload this page.

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mobile computing

Wasp Barcode. Apply Filters. Like New. Very Good. Open Box. Cortex A53 Octa-core 2. Cortex A53 Quad-core 1. MTK MHz.Learn something new every day More Info Mobile computing embraces a host of portable technologies that makes Internet access on the go not only possible, but integral to every day life.

Mobile laptop and notebook computers can use one of two types of wireless access services when away from the home or office.

mobile computing

WiFi uses radio waves to broadcast an Internet signal from a wireless router to the immediate surrounding area. If the wireless network is not encryptedanyone can jump on. The drawback to WiFi is that you must locate a hotspot, then stay put within broadcasting range to use it. An alternative to WiFi is cellular broadband. Cellular broadband is also used for providing Internet access to cell phones and PDAs.

Access is usually considered a premium service that either increases the monthly cost of the plan associated with the device, or incurs extra fees when used. Another service associated with mobile computing is cloud computingor the ability to use website services from mobile computers.

Cloud computing provides access to a network-like environment with various applications and virtually unlimited resources so that field representatives, for instance, can utilize website resources rather than being supplied with weighty, expensive machines packed with company software and data. GiraffeEars- I am a student at Arizona State University, and mobile computing programs expand our capabilities as students. Every student and faculty member has access to a personalized student website.

Students can access this website from any computer or device with web capabilities. The site also enables cloud computing, making collaborative projects much easier. You can actually see what a person is doing to a project on your own screen, and talk about it with that student through instant messaging, video messaging, or over the phone.

Essentially, multiple students can access a file simultaneously. They can control who can edit information, and who can see the website. This is technology at its best. GiraffeEars Post 1 Many of the newest smartphones can become portable wireless hotspots, utilizing the wireless carriers 3G or 4G networks to deliver internet service to nearby wifi devices. In a sense, they become the opposite of a wifi hotspot. If you have an unlimited data plan, you will not need to pay hotels for expensive wireless internet access.

You can collaborate on internet projects with classmates in a park. You can even stream live video to the internet from a camping trip or a trip to a festival like Bonaroo or Burning Man.

People may see it as a novel idea, but for those who live their life connected to the web, creating a mobile hotspot is a big deal.Mobile computing in extends beyond apps designed to entertain or to improve personal productivity. Mobile computing devices include thin, lightweight laptops, netbooks, smartphones, media players, gaming consoles, ebook readers, and ambient computing devices. The need to mobilize in order to improve efficiency and competitive advantage has driven companies to invest heavily in mobile technology Taylor, There are over 1 million apps on iTunes and Google Play.

However, the majority of the apps are for the consumer Klais, What about the enterprise? By70 percent of mobile professionals will conduct their daily work on personal devices. This is called bring your own device BYOD.

mobile computing

This disruptive phenomenon is causing information technology IT departments challenges in terms of accountability, management, and oversight Gartner, There are many opportunities in the mobile computing marketplace. All of these jobs represent skills and programming languages that Purdue Global students will learn.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, software development positions are expected to grow at the rate of 30 percent each year while the average for all job growth is 14 percent Bureau of Labor Statistics, The future seems bright for the mobile device software developer.

To prepare for these exciting new career opportunities, Purdue Global students learn to program under three of the major mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. Database classes can also be taken as electives to round out the student's knowledge. Students will take two Java courses as a prerequisite to the first mobile application development class, and will take a series of three mobile application development classes with the third class resulting in a mobile app to be marketed in an app store.

Mobile computing

Academic Chair Stephen Bayer feels that the mobile computing industry will likely be highly competitive, and growth opportunity may exist in the increasing the need to access corporate data securely through mobile devices and convert existing web portals to mobile use.

More opportunities may exist in developing applications and marketing them through the various app stores. At Purdue Global, we are proud to be on the cutting edge of preparing our students for this future in mobile computing.

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author s and do not represent the views of Purdue Global. Aldridge, D. Business value from mobile computing. Purdue University Global delivers a fully personalized, world-class education online that's tailored for adults. Learn more about online programs at Purdue Global and download our program guide. To receive the Purdue Global Program Guide, including associated career paths, please select an area of study.

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Sign up for a free trial. Too Much of a Good Thing? Custom Preference Screens [January ] by Frank Nimphius Build and integrate a custom preference screen for configuring local on-device user preferences. Building a hybrid application with Mobile Application Framework and WebCenter Portal [July ] by Yannick Ongena This step-by-step guide shows you how to build a template in WebCenter Portal that will be used to display pages for native integration, build a custom component in your mobile application to consume WebCenter pages, and add a custom component to an AMX page.

Developing Custom Components with Oracle Mobile Application Framework [July ] by Jeevan Joseph This article shows you how to build a very simple custom component that is rendered like a notification badge inside the application, and includes support for custom attributes that are used by the component implementation.

Read this article to learn how you can start using this persistence extension today. This article will help you to reduce the heavy lifting and avoid the headaches.

Frederic Desbiens shows you how. There must be support for emerging and future trends in mobile computing. The last thing anyone wants to do is to have to re-write their enterprise systems to support mobile technologies.

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