Jvc rs400 hdr

Jvc rs400 hdr

For models not listed below please use our Firmware Upgrade Advisor. If you have any questions regarding this process, please call and select option 3. Download the latest GY-HC firmware. Firmware update March Calibration software March Firmware version 4. Firmware upgrade is now available. Firmware version V August is now available. Many new features including full screen graphics. Firmware Upgrade is now available. Firmware version 4 is now available and is a major upgrade for this camera.

Version 4. Firmware r Use Firmware Upgrade Advisor. Incorrect color appears in certain modes. This update improves IR sensor detection. Firmware version 1. Firmware upgrade for ProHD monitors. Download the upgrade package here. Version 1. Download the GY-HM update file zip format. If you have any questions regarding this upgrade, please call and select option 2. French Spanish English.Sometimes I wish I were an engineer.

Being able to understand how products are different at the lowest level would help me see why some companies can do things that other ones cannot. Whenever I get in a projector from JVC I wonder how they can produce such deep, dark blacks that no other projector company can. The JVC XR is no different, producing some of the best contrast ratios I have ever seen on a projector with images that are stunning.

Despite being the same base technology, JVC manages to get darker blacks than anyone else by a huge margin. Perhaps the most noticeable on the specs sheet is full HDMI 2. Light output has been improved and is much brighter than before, which was always a small flaw on the JVC projectors before. The XR includes full automatic lens control for easier setup and support for many aspect ratios.

JVC DLA-NX7 vs Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB vs TVS Pro Theo-Z65 (Part II)

Lens memories mean those with 2. The menus offer a full suite of calibration controls and adjustments, making it easy to dial in the projector for your screen and room. You can set the targets for White Point, Color Gamut, and Gamma in calibration software and let it do all the work. Since I do not own a Spyder4 I was unable to test this, but the low cost of a Spyder4 means you can buy one to do your own calibrations of the XR.

jvc rs400 hdr

Ideally the next version of this feature supports more meters. Perhaps in the future JVC will use the Ethernet port for firmware updates but not yet.

Switching between the two inputs and the same frames, it was clear to see what advantages HDR offers. What is impressive is that the JVC manages to keep all the shadow details of the Blu-ray while adding much brighter highlights on the HDR versions. The sunrise on The Martian keeps the mountains cloaked in shadows with dark details while the sunrise is more vivid and brighter.

Mad Max offers many scenes where you see far more details in the sky with HDR while maintaining all the other details on the ground.

On the JVC models with wide color gamut support, the difference between the two is likely more striking. The initial setup to get HDR working was a bit of a headache, but in the end it was worth it by providing an image with more dynamic range than is possible on a Blu-ray disc.

The hilltop scene in the final Harry Potter film, the go-to test for shadow details, is just brilliant.We're going to write an article series covering this shortly. Using online services like Netflix and Amazon, I often dial the color down points to get it to look right. Occasionally UHD discs have the same problem, I can find no correlation between studios and problem discs. The good news is dialing the color down usually can make things look "correct". Extremely deep blacks, the colors are very rich without seeming over the top.

The underwater sequences are so clear they give the "3D effect without glasses" regularly. Clear as the 3D is, it's easier to tell what's going on in HDR, colors are more vibrant.

However you slice it, watching without 3D glasses is nice. Digital front projectors have come a long way since the early years. Before JVC entered the game with the RS1, black levels were gray, colors were horribly inaccurate, and the fans were as loud as your average drone. And while projectors are more popular today in living rooms and casual game rooms, JVC models definitely prefer a dark, dedicated environment to excel.

That's where their brightness, contrast capabilities, and rich colors truly shine. If you need enough brightness to fill a " screen comfortably you could easily go " with higher gain screensyou'd be hard-pressed to do better than this projector. Highly Recommended. Since then, other manufacturers have approached JVC black levels, but none have quite bested them. Previously the only people enjoying picture quality of its caliber were CRT projector owners.

In terms of physical design, the RSu still resembles an RS1 after all these years. A straight forward sleek matte black rectangular box, they are larger than similar options from other manufacturers like Sony, Epson or Panasonic.

Other than the classy, gold lens ring, and slightly different corners, you'd swear it's the same projector. Not portable by any means, the RSu is a dedicated home theater projector and should be set and forgotten.

2019 $3,000+ Projector Buying Guide

The zoom lens makes placement flexible too -- for a " screen, you can place the projector between about 15 and 30ft away. The iris can be set to automatic for higher contrast or adjusted manually. I prefer to leave the iris open on manual; this yields a bright, pleasing image while retaining inky black levels and automatic iris' are too distracting for my tastes.

Basic setup is extremely easy with the automatic lens and lens shift, allowing you to place the projector few feet off center as needed.

After placement, put your nose against the screen to adjust focus via the included remote. Responding to past criticisms, JVC finally includes a 6-axis color management system, which means it can be calibrated to near perfection with a good calibration disc. Color is pretty accurate out of the box, but a professional can manipulate the CMS to get it pretty much dead on.

Set Gamma based on your screen, usually to 2. Getting 4K to handshake can be a challenge, as you need a new 18gbps HDMI cable 33gbps preferred that's less than 15ft. Even expensive cables with signal repeating Redmere technology have proven problematic with this projector.

At 3ft over my head, Low Lamp Mode fan noise is almost imperceptible during a movie. High Lamp Mode is a little noticeable.The result is that the number of pixels is doubled in comparison to Full-HD resolution and almost no structure is visible even when looking up close to the screen.

However the number of pixels on the screen is still only half of the one of a true 4K-UHD resolution. It can also upscale a Full-HD content and display it with twice as many pixels using the E-shift. The down-side of this technology is that the pixels are never displayed all at the same time and the D-ILA panels need to move very quickly to give the illusion of a higher resolution.

In doing so, we can lose some sharpness or intra-picture contrast. We will evaluate those aspects later on. This means that the projector can be set up in every position very easily. This can be very helpful in order to use the projector if the remote control is not available or even lost. The remote control allows for a quick access to all important functionalities like the frame interpolation.

Also directly accessible are the controls for the motorized zoom and lens shift. There is also a button to activate the backlight of the remote which is helpful while watching a movie in a dark room. The buttons of the remote control are large enough but the remote stays light and compact and lies easily in the hand.

Our first impression with the JVC X when watching our usual test scenes was the incredibly high brightness even in eco-mode which gives an extra pop to the picture. The high quality glass lens was for sure one of the reasons combined with relatively good convergence. The contrast performance of the JVC X is impressive with deep black and very good details in dark scenes, as we are used to with JVC. Furthermore, with the activation of the dynamic iris function, it can achieve very deep black on a totally black picture.

A calibration was however necessary to get the best out of the projector. However, while for most scenes there are almost no artefacts and the picture stays natural, for some other scenes some vertical bands could be observed, but not as often as with the previous model, the JVC DLA-X For the more conservative people, we would suggest to let the frame interpolation desactivated and it will be perfect for a 24p cinema experience.

We advise you to leave the settings on default. The result is a very sharp picture which allows to show all the details of your favorite Blu-rays. The E-shift4 activates the 4K simulation technology with half a pixel shift to get twice the number of pixels on the screen.

JVC DLA-RS400 Projector

You can click on each picture to open it in the original resolution. Actually, it was the first time we saw a projector that bright in 3D that did not give us the urge for more brightness. The beginning scene of Sammy on the beach, with the bright sun and the palm trees was perfectly translated in term of brightness feeling.Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts.

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JVC DLA-X770R Projector

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Steve Withers Start date Aug 26, Review Specs Discussion Steve Withers Reviewer. Read the review. Abacus Well-known Member. Thanks for the review. Evinger Well-known Member.

I agree particularly that the information on how to use the various test patterns should be available in-screen. PascalP Active Member. Does the disc come with tutorials per pattern and how to use it or should I look this up on their website?

Last edited: Aug 26, NicolasB Distinguished Member.

jvc rs400 hdr

Are there any 50Hz deinterlacing test patterns on here? Lesmor Distinguished Member. Jase Distinguished Member. It's a good disc but the 2nd Edition was more user friendly in terms of being able to see what a pattern should look like simply by pressing the UP button. To be fair, being able to change the Luminance on the fly is quite handy and a bit of an eye opener when you see what the display is actually doing with them.

Jase said:. PascalP said:. You think they will also do a double pack with both discs? Better wait then I would say?

NicolasB said:. Steve Withers said:. Your last question is covered in the review. It's a great disc, the test patterns are really useful, and the demo material is superb.

Regards, James.All three of these projectors feature wide color gamuts which give great life and excitement to many scenes. RECthe standard for Bluray and HD sources, was chosen in and represented the new capability of the High Definition standard. Today, modern display systems, including these projectors, have the capability of going far beyond those standards. The goal of REC is to display most or all of the colors we see in nature — also called the painters gamut.

Since all three of these projectors are able to display excellent color, we measured the wide color gamut within the REC color space to see how each of the projectors did. Although there are some differences, which you may or may not be able to see from these images, all do an amazingly good job and put projectors without this capability in a whole different category if viewed side by side.

The reason is color, wide color to be specific. There is also a difference in lumens of light output almost undetectable and contrast ratio but that is minor compared to the color differences. One of the great things about wide color and 4K displays is the ability to see your existing HD content in a whole new light.

jvc rs400 hdr

Up until just a few years ago, most projectors and even flat panels did not do all of the REC standard of color.

Now that many 4K displays are trying to reach P3 color, many are now doing most, or all, of the HD color space, and it is exciting to see all the colors we have been missing. As part of this up-conversion or scaling process, however, the image must go through a processing engine to map the pixels to the 4K display.

In terms of what this looks like in an actual image, we saw an increase of processing noise in the image and an almost cartoon-like look to images, shading, and detail on the JVC. It may have something to do with the fact that almost all HD and Blu-ray HD sources are only 8-bit in terms of bit depth. But, whatever the case, the results are very noticeable on most images from these sources.

jvc rs400 hdr

It will help to look at these images here at larger sizes by clicking on them. When we decided to test all three of these together it was mainly because all three claimed a wide color gamut why we modified the UHZ65 in the first place. We did not expect to see so many similarities and even had a few surprises in terms of 4K detail and contrast.

All of these projectors have incredible color and one would be very wrong to suggest otherwise. If, however, viewed at 4K viewing distances 1.So, what do we have here? A medium-large projector typical for this classwith power everything including Lens Memory for wide screen support, with a zoom lens, and lots of lens shift. In this regard, its placement flexibility is almost identical to the Epson LS that took top honors in this Class, this report.

Outstanding black level performance is first. My wallet thanks me! I know the DLP manufacturers are getting great buzz with the 4K UHD stamp of approval, and they are a bit sharper than p pixel shifters.

I see the issue for them is that for the last decade, the DLP projector companies have seemed to think that single chip sharpness and other characteristics including 4K UHDand the very good native DLP contrast, gives them a big advantage.

And, for that reason, those manufacturers have not, for the most part, used dynamic irises. At the same time, I have to commend JVC. All of their projectors including this, their least expensive would still have better black levels than almost all of the other projectors in this class even had JVC not put in a dynamic iris.

Yet they did! Advance projector search. Now, this is one of the projectors we did not get to review.


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