How to install vxp watch faces

How to install vxp watch faces

First,you need install four program. You need type your Name and App name, make sure they are the same. Location on desktop for further use. Click Finish. Open the MRELauncher. Open the vcproj project you just created on desktop. Copy the configtbl. Right click, use Notepad to open, then change the path of every file. Back to MRELauncher. Wait a moment until the Make Successful appears.

Back to the project folder, then go to arm folder. Copy and paste the Default. Rename the Default. Click search select the Replace.

Right-click the xml file,and use notepad to open it. Then save the file. Personally,I also like creating watch face,this tutorial is an homage to zafri, big thanks to his video tutorial and zcj who developed this method to create vxp watch face.

how to install vxp watch faces

You could watch the video tutorial here. Skip to content Home Posts tagged 'vxp watch face'. Today I want to show you how to create a vxp watch face.

And you also need the Resource from zafri. Extract the Resource on the desktop. Click OK. Open HxD. Remember change the datatype to Hex-values,then click OK,and save the file. You have created a vxp watch face! Copy the vxp,xml and png file to your phone appmanager folder. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Then follow the steps listed in this tutorial. Before uninstalling the watch face, change the active clock face on the smartwatch to default one which was pre-installed with the watch.

It is not possible to remove the default VXP watch faces which come preloaded with the Smartwatch. Not working. I try using both fundo and mediatek app and the result is the same. Any idea why?

I tried adding watch face but all I keep getting is not enough space for new app… please help. Deleting VXPs in watch… please help. When installing a watchface, I see it installed on the watch. But no additional watchface appears. I have T smartwatch, already installed the watch faces via mediatek smart device the watchface sucessfully installed. But the watch faces I installed are not showing in my T Your email address will not be published.

Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar. Need 3 files 2 files missing. Deleting VXPs in watch, what am i doing wrong? We are sorry, but at this point of time, we cannot change the watch face using iPhone. I cant install the clock face it says on my smartwatch there is not enough memory how to fix?It doesn't affect any item's price or eventual reviews. Long before expensive western smartwatch brands came along, Chinese smartwatches slowly started to be "a thing.

Today you can install watchfaces you can call it a glorified wallpaper if you want on smartwatches starting as low as 15 bucks. There are lots of cheap Chinese smartwatches, but not everyone allows you to install a watchface.

This doesn't mean every model will have all these features because they are manufacturer dependent. Other features are the ability to update complications, like step counter, calendar, battery icons, etc.

Related articles:. Most likely, you already have one, but just in case you don't, you can check these out on Amazon:. If you're wondering why should you, let me ask you: Why not? There's some purpose in those. Some you can even insert a SIM card and leave your big smartphone at home or office. While it may not be as easy to use as your phone when making a call or have a very accurate step counter, you can still put them to some use.

Besides, some even have GPS and heart rate sensors. But if you're also considering other smartwatches, check out this list of today's top deals on Amazon's best sellers. Vxp is a container for the files needed for the watch to display the watchface. For an analog watchface, it usually has an image for each element of the watchface: the hour hand, the minute hand, the second hand, and a background image. For a digital watchface, there's an image for each digit, am, pm, and background images.

You can go here: watchoutwearables.

how to install vxp watch faces

NEVER uninstall the watchface you are currently using, as this will temporarily brick your watch. Most watches only allow you to have up to 10 watchfaces, including the stock ones, so you'll have to manage them within the app. So, with that in mind, let's go to the Google Play store and download the recommended app:. Mediatek SmartDevice. After you download the watchface, you will need to extract it, and then copy all files to the appmanager folder on your smartphone.

But what if you have some spare time and want to create a watchface yourself?

[Download] Best VXP Watch Faces for NO.1 G6 and other Type of Smartwatches

Otherwise, you should not change the default install folder of each app, that way you can avoid running into trouble later on. You can create a system restore point just in case something goes wrong.Now that you know the process of installing a watch face for your NO. Anyways here are the lists of watch faces for NO. We picked at least 5 watch faces for NO. Read first our tutorial and other resources before attempting to do one.

Citizen Watch Face — clean and simple on the G6, the Citizen watch face might look traditional and boring but once you install it to your NO. Mickey Mouse Classic — we have seen this watch face in a classic analog wrist watch, it also made its way in Android Wear, and also has been one of the most favorite watch face in Apple Watch.

The watch face cleverly uses the hands of Mickey as the hour and minute hands, pointing to the right time. Roman — if you want a minimalist, clean design, go for the Roman watch face. Your dream is now a reality sort of, check out this Breitling watch face. The watch face looks complicated, with a lot of details, it has military time, and other stuff like chrono. The chrono is not working but serves as an aesthetic design, making it more like a Breitling watch, the watch face are for those who want their G6 looks more manly and look tough.

PipBoy — Relieved the popular Pip-boy by Fallout in this cool watch face, PiPboy, a simple digital watch face, cool graphics with that green-glowing monochrome screen, and will certainly capture the attention of PipBoy fans. It might not be that high tech, but will certainly put a lot of smile and memories on this cool watch face. It is a color wheel that works as a watch face for your No. This will certainly look good on a.

Its free to download in the watchfaceup website. Jo Di Calivo -Blogger, Tech wearable expert, web designer and programmer. Focusing on providing the latest news and reviews of the wearables in the market today. Related to Jo Di Calivo. Well without further ado here the best watch faces for NO. Related Stories. Oppo Watch - Apple Watch Contender? Oppo Watch.Hi there, I have a microwear L7, and I tried to install a new watchface with smartdevice. It worked flieger only. Probably because it is less than 50kb.

I wanted to delete it and try another one, ale but none can be installed, not even the flieger. It writes me the following message: Flieger install failed, unknown error. Deleting VXPs in watch. I tried to reset my watch, but without changing it. Can't anyone please advise me how to delete extra watchface from memory? All those times the site was suspended because brands like Rolex and TAG Heuer didn't like that there were watchfaces of their watches, and instead of emailing Zafri or No.

Before saying something, first ask Like me, Master Mendes, Smith, and so many others. And Master Mendes and me also had access to moderate posts.

The QR code, for me because i have some of their watches was just something "extra" the users could quickly use to find watchfaces instead of having to search "how can i customize my no.

Personally, I never used it. And it was integrated in their firmwares while the site didn't start to have those problems with brands. Which means one year or more ago. Now their "cheap watches" are very different and without using VXP watchfaces. What No. About what happened to finally have the site "dead" I don't know if Zafri the real owner decided to just let it die, and if it's the case there was no reason for No.

Or maybe No. I don't know. And I didn't have the chance to talk recently with the guy from No. I'll ask him when I see him online again.

watch faces vxp files

WatchFaceUp was always something made by us the users for us the users. With a good support from No. I just can say that, for me We are looking for hex tool, just like there was on watchfaceup website for coordinates of numbers for digital watchfaces, if anyone knows where to find this tool online, please let me know. Thank you.As you know, usually we use Fundo wear for notifications, but Smartdevice app for watchface installation.

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Smartwatch Change Faces (VXP) Nº1 S9 NFC [DIY]

Learn how your comment data is processed. NewsRound SmartwatchTutorial. MTvxpwatchfaceup. Love this? It's nice to share with you the wearable technical news. I am not an expert, but I will try my best to help you. Previous Top 10 of best outdoor rugged sports smartwatch. You might also like. DT A smartwatch combined with fun looking and rich features September 20th, DT NO.

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how to install vxp watch faces

Where else can get watch faces? Cherry Dec th, PM Reply.That I did. I'm talking additional watchfaces not on fundo app. Sent from my SM-NT using. I make some watchfaces. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers.

How to Install VXP Watchface on your smartwatch

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality.

Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. What do you think of the new Apple iPhone SE? April 16, OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro announced — Everything you need to know! April 14, Image Warp helps you transform pictures with manually adjustable grids April 14, Thanks Meter : I'm new to this whole thing, but I can't seem to find a way to get new faces for the KW Anyone know where I can find a tutorial or some downloadable faces?

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