Best solution for ez cloner

Best solution for ez cloner

Note: once cuttings have roots they can be transplanted into any system or growing media of your choice. Above: Some types of plants produce more crop in less time from rooted cuttings versus seed. Sweet Basil is a great example.

Aeroponic plant propagation systems can root cut plant stems faster and produce healthier larger cuttings because of the increase in oxygen they supply at the cut stem. By spending just a few extra moments before you get started and through the rooting process, you can get better clones and often faster with less chance of encountering any hiccups along the way. In this aeroponic cloning tips article, we hope to offer something for everybody, whether a commercial clong system pro or a savvy home gardener.

If you have mother plants that are productive and vibrant, with aeroponics cloning you can have future crops that yield big harvests of quality. Remember that plant cuttings rooted from the same mother pant carry the exact same same genetics and have the ability to reproduce consistently. A very powerful tool for any grower. Also give at least days for plants to recover and grow again before taking another batch of cut stems for rooting.

Over utilizing mother plants creates stresses that can lend to a drift in the quality of the genetics that result from your rooted cuttings, potentially reducing harvest quality and yield. Making sure that your aeroponic cloning system, ie pump, manifold, sprayers, base, lid and cloning collars some people replace these every three cycles to play it extra safe are clean and hygienic is of the upmost importance for ensuring continued cloning success.

Hydrogen Peroxide, Alcohol, Bleach or Castile Soap are common household items that have been used with good results in cleaning aeroponic cloners between cycles.

Think of your aeroponics cloner as a high performance machine. Always try to use filtered or rain water to fill the system and keep the pH between 5. It is best to keep the Total Dissolved Solids TDS low too, for example after adding mild fertilizer or cloning solutions to around ppm 0. Super Pro Tip via EZclone. While a good quality and well designed aeroponic cloning system like the EZ Cloner series is a high performance garden tool, putting it in a less than ideal environment can limit your level of potential results.

NEVER put the cloning system uncovered in an area with air movement from fans or strong breezes; unrooted or young plants will dehydrate or stress. OFTEN check that the sprayers and pump are delivering a nutrient mist, as any bits of organic debris from stems or emerging roots can plug up finer sprayers. Cloning domes can be an option in these situations. Temperature Tip: Aeroponics cuttings often do better in warmer temperatures than less experienced people may give them credit for.

Doses of Hypochlorous Acid or Hydrogen Peroxide can also be added if running warmer. In some instances a chiller may be required. Often, cuttings will be very happy and content to stay in the cloning system for an additional one to two weeks after rooting.

Bigger, healthier transplants will perform better in your future crops. Note that once roots have formed, you can start to add mild vegetative growth fertilizer programs, for example the Elite Garden program. Your email address will not be published. Grow Tips. Share On Facebook Tweet It. Erik Biksa Erik Biksa has been writing about and discussing hydroponics growing, related technologies and cropping methods since in a variety of professional publications and platforms globally Erik has travelled the world learning and teaching modern growing techniques and technologies and is appreciated by many growers for his informative yet hands on approaches.

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best solution for ez cloner

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best solution for ez cloner

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. After adding straight tap water at ppm and 60 ml of Botinacare power cloner "nothing else". I will post some pics of all 3 cloners and let them speak for them self. I'd take your word for it!! Right on!

Thanks for the info. Lets see the pics! So your saying this product will root your clones in 3 days? Hell yeah and after 7 days there ready to be transplanted?

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Ez-Cloner Problems. Thread starter lxyzeroomer Start date Apr 19, I dont have a ph meter which i need desperately but i set the p. Is the strain hard to clone? Should i cycle the ez-cloner maybe its drowning the roots? IVIars Active Member. Your water temp is to hot.

Get rid of the aquarium heater, temps should be I washed out the exclone made new clones ph is 5. Heisenberg Well-Known Member. If you continue to have problems try adding some ewc tea to your water. At the very least, get a bottle of aquashield. Heisenberg said:.Growing cannabis from clones is faster and easier than starting with seeds. Cloning gel also known as rooting gel helps the clones recover from cutting and grow roots as quickly as possible.

It increases your chances for a successful grow. It saves you money and time in the long run. Cannabis clones do best if their cut stems have a lot of carbohydrates and root growth hormones. If you plan to make your own cuttings, take these steps to prepare the mother plants :. Why then? Because the younger the mother plant the better the genetics. Once your plants are ready to provide you with cuttingsget your tools ready to use.

Gather up new, sharp razor blades that you have sterilized with alcohol. Prepare your rooting containers and substrate, like rockwool. And have your cloning gel on hand. Cloning gel is the simplest rooting hormone to use. The gel both protects the cut like a Band-aid and infuses the plant with the growth hormones and nutrients it needs to build healthy roots fast. Mist the leaves and keep the humidity level around 80 to 90 percent. If the soil pH is acidic, like 5. You can root clones with fluorescent lamps running 18 to 24 hours a day.

Here is a cloning kit with heat mat and T5 light where you add the rooting gel and substrate dirt, rockwool or water of your choice. In the past, we have recommended T5 fluorescent lights.

With the rapidly falling prices of LED Grow Lights, and the increased sophistication of the manufacturers, you can now get LED Grow Lights at comparable or lower overall cost and hassle than fluorescents. Adjustable LED Grow Lights allow you to adjust the color spectrum for any stage of growing, so you are not stuck with an unusable initial investment. Just avoid something really hot and intense like HPS. Here is an article about controlling temperature in your grow room.

Slipping too far below that can stall root growth or stop it altogether. LED Grow Lights are cheap enough to run 24 hours a day, which will allow you to eliminate the night time temperature drop and help keep the temperature stable. The only advantage of fluorescents is that you can keep them very close to plants often just a few inches awaywhich could be helpful if you want to create a cloning room or area in a small space.

After one weekremove the clones that looked wilted and weak. Within two to three weeks, plan on transplanting the healthy clones that have sprouted roots.

Further Reading: Check out this article for more information about growing hydroponically. Without cloning gel, your weed is much more susceptible to illness. Many cloning gels are appropriate for a variety of plants.

Weed, orchids, you name it—any plant that you can propagate with clones can profit from the use of cloning gel. Clonex is the best-known brand of cloning gel. Clonex is packed with root growth hormones, vitamins, and mineral nutrients. The gel formula is designed to cling to the stem and protect it while the ingredients go to work feeding the plant.This means that any branch, leaf, stem or flower, no matter how big or small, can generate an infinite number of genetic facsimiles if the conditions are right.

Due to the high volatility of these specimens, such procedures must be performed in sterile laboratories commonly unavailable to most home-based cannabis growers. This article will explain everything you need to know to confidently clone your plants with a near-perfect success rate using branches as your starting material. If your clones will be kept outside of the veg room during the rooting process, any fluorescent light will suffice.

Your biggest responsibility is to make sure that the cuttings are comfortable and stress-free while they are producing roots.

The overall health of your clones will determine the future health of your garden. Remember that cloning is essentially performing surgery on your plants. Every cut made is an open wound that is susceptible to infection and needs to be treated with care.

Have all the tools been sterilized since the last guy? Will I be in a safe and sterile environment, free from the risk of infection during my recovery? Many growers make the mistake of overhandling the developing clones, picking them up every day and turning them upside down to see if the roots have appeared yet.

Wondering whether the cuttings are too wet or too dry, they may be tempted to give the rockwool cube a little squeeze and end up smashing up the just-forming roots.

128 site ez cloner : behind the scenes

Now that you understand your role, I will explain in 10 easy steps how to produce healthy, robust and vigorous clones, West Coast Masters—style! Before doing anything else, use bleach wipes to sanitize the area in which the tray will sit, as well as all other surfaces within your workspace.

As a final precaution, sterile gloves should be worn throughout the entire process. Please remember that cleanliness is the key to successful cloning. Add about a half-inch of rinsed perlite to the tray. The perlite will raise the cubes above the bottom of the tray, preventing them from getting too warm. It also allows airflow beneath the cubes and spurs roots to grow down toward the water below. Vigorously shake the cloning gel and pour it into the shot glass, filling it halfway.

This is a better alternative to placing the cut branches directly into the bottle, which can cause contamination. Position your glass dish, shot glass, cloning gel and scalpels as near as possible to the dome. Keeping everything close within the sanitized area will help reduce stress and the risk of infection for the clones. The cloning solution is a low-level nutrient mixture that provides the necessary elements for the clones to thrive while developing roots.

Using it can cut down on rooting time and result in much healthier, more vibrant clones. Should you decide not to use it, the clones will likely be fine—just less vigorous at first.

best solution for ez cloner

If the clones have no source of energy to get them through the week or so that it takes to form roots, they will be forced to consume their own stored energy. In other words, they have to go into survival mode and sacrifice a couple of their own leaves in order to stay alive.

Adjust the pH of the distilled water to 5. Add the rockwool cubes that you plan to use for a single tray. Typically, the maximum capacity for the tray will be from 10 to 12 cubes, depending on the size of the clones.

They are now rinsed and pH-adjusted. Add the remaining half-gallon of distilled water into the container with the cubes. Following the recommended dosage on the product label, add the cloning solution to the 1-gallon container and stir it around gently with the rockwool cubes. Adjust the pH to 5. Remove the rockwool cubes one by one and space them equally in rows of two along the inside of the tray. Overlapping leaves will form condensation between them, which could lead to mold and mildew problems.

Pour half of the remaining clone solution into the glass dish for use in step 6 and pour the other half directly into the propagation tray, where it will settle into the perlite. This liquid will provide the moisture needed to keep up the humidity levels in the dome and give the roots something to look for.Shane Banning of EZ-Clone goes over some common misconceptions and misunderstandings and comes up with ways to improve your aeroponic cloning technique.

10 Easy Steps for Successful Cloning

The following is an article produced by a contributing author. Growers Network does not endorse nor evaluate the claims of our contributors, nor do they influence our editorial process. We thank our contributors for their time and effort so we can continue our exclusive Growers Spotlight service.

While the internet can be a great thing, false information can spread very quickly on it. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance. You can find our contact information below. In the world of plant propagationmany factors determine the success of your cloning cycle. Plant propagation relies on the convergence of three critical factors; moisture, oxygen and heat. No matter what method of propagationthese three principles of cloning always apply.

Cuttings yearn for a warm, moist, oxygen-rich environment. Unfortunately, so do bacteria and pathogens, the the leading causes of problems with plant cloning. In years past, it was a common belief that when cloning in an Aeroponic System, better results were achieved with lower reservoir temperatures because there was a significantly decreased risk of bacterial infection.

By keeping the reservoir temperature lower, bacteria and pathogens are discouraged from growth, resulting in higher success rates. However, this method is a double-edged sword.

While many folks believe the best way to lower water temps is by placing a frozen 2 liter bottle into their reservoir sthis can also transfer harmful bacteria into their system s. On top of that, this method requires frequent bottle swaping, and doing such causes a reoccurring fluctuation in water temperatures, something that cuttings DO NOT prefer.

The problem with the above methods is that instead of concentrating on creating and maintaining the perfect conditions for root development, a greater emphasis is placed on keeping bacteria at bay. This results in a less-than-optimal environment for root growth, meaning we need to reevaluate our priorities. By developing an additive to directly combat bacteria and pathogens, which we named Clear Rezwe could open up a broader spectrum of acceptable cloning temperatures.

Remember, that there are always multiple solutions to any given problem, and finding the most practical solution is what learning and growth is all about. If you do decide to use an antimicrobial additive in your reservoir, make sure to read the directions CAREFULLY, as there is a prescribed method of addition that should be followed very closely. EZ-CLONE has spent several years extensively researching the effectiveness and benefits of using an air pump in aeroponic systems.You have come to the right place to find the best cloning machine out there for your needs.

When looking to expand your current grow, and not wanting to start from seed. You have probably been researching about cloning and seen different methods.

One of them is using a cloning machine. We go over all the best models and the benefits and what to look for and even a brief overview on how to use a cloner. Cloning plants is pretty simple when you get the basics down, especially when using a machine.

Clone King OxyClone PowerGrow The EZ clone classic 16 cutting system is a solid investment when it comes to generating cannabis clones. This is a smaller model perfect for the home grower with access to 16 cutting slots. Made with a leak proof design, ensure your clones are always hydrated. The EZ Cloner uses aeroponics, provides an even mist to help your cutting grow healthy roots quickly. No humidity dome required. We really like how small this cloner is and how well the roots formed, the roots get well misted.

FOR THOSE WHO CLONE IN A TURBO OR EZ CLONER I Would like to share this with you

A perfect addition to the grow room for anyone looking to start cloning your cannabis plants. The Clone King 36 comes with 13 separate spray heads to help grow your clones fast. This cloning machine uses the aeroponic method of growing by spraying your roots with water and oxygen.

The clone king comes with all parts included such as pump 13 head spray, lid collars, container. The one we test roots appeared in 5 days and ready to transplant in You are able to put the collars on without clippings to use the unit with just a couple clones if you wish. If you need to replace your spray jet manifold, they sell them on Amazon for easy replacement. Clone king also sells a 25 site cloning machine which has bigger holes to hold a small net pot hole size is 2 inches.

The T24D has a patented fan for the unit to keep it cool. Holes for 24 site, comes with collars. The TurboKolen is an aeroponic cloner, and comes with all the pumps required.

Roots in 5 to 10 daysjust like other clones out there, the added benefit is the humidity dome and internal fan. It keeps the temperature around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for growing clones. The TurboKlone also has 48 and 96 site cloning machines if your needing something bigger and like the feature of the TurboKlone. This cloner is different form the others because you let the roots sit in extremely oxygenated water.

The oxycloner comes with 4 inch air stonewhich provides dissolved oxygen bubbles to the root zone, and also comes with an active aqua premium pump. Some user reported it requires an extra air stone and possibly a stronger pump. We found this to be true for the air stone. It also uses evaporator coolingwhich equals less heat and healthy roots.

The cloner also come in different sizes 40 and 80 site cloning system. The PowerGrow deluxe 21 is a different style of cloning machinethis one is in a 3.


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